100+ Free Nectar Points

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Earn free Nectar points everytime you search the internet with the Nectar toolbar.

What's the deal?

Nectar have teamed up with search engine Yahoo to offer a toolbar that gives you free Nectar points everytime you search for something online.

Once you've downloaded the toolbar you can earn 1 nectar point for every 2 searches you make using the Yahoo search box.

You'll also get a welcome bonus of 100 free points to get you started and can earn up to 50 points a month just by using the toolbar.

How do I benefit?

To download your free Nectar toolbar simply visit the Nectar website.

Terms & Conditions

You must hold a valid Nectar card in able to collect points.

A maximum of 50 points can be collected each month.

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So if each Nectar point is worth ?0.005 that means you could earn the grand total of ?3 in a year if you use the toolbar up to the maximum each month.

by Anonymous, 15 Sep 2010

For ?3 a year you get to use a search engine that doesnt perform, the best search to do on it is "google"!

by Anonymous, 29 Nov 2010

Or spend half hour searching for some very random stuff, rack up 100 searches then go back to google, safe in the knowledge that you've added those extra few points!

by ahem, 3 Oct 2011

Yes lol just do variations on one word to give you enough new valid searched left i.e. greenday for me became pinkday.. blackday.. orangeday..... oldday.. newday... zzzz

by BrownPants, 6 Oct 2012

you can get nectar points through watching tv adds is this correct??

by paulm28, 15 Nov 2013

I have 261 points on my card how much is that in pounds if i may ask

by ellalily, 8 Mar 2014

in the past 2 months I've accumulated 65000 nectar points. just Google free nectar points and crack on with signing up to everything use a new email account if your worried about spam. it is doable. if it is not just nectar points your after crack on and do some bank switches this alone in the last month we (my wife and I) have made £600 just by bank switching. (Halifax First direct M&S bank switching).

by davids45, 20 Sep 2014

nectar canvass
Amex: nectar credit card and if you recommend a friend or family member you get an additional 5k points and the new person gets another 1k on top of the 20k, have to spend £2000 in 3 months to get but if this is broken down that's about £670 a month just do all your shopping on the AMEX card,
Ebay - Link your AMEX card and pay with it and then you will get triple points!

by davids45, 20 Sep 2014
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i love nectar points but think were i live needs more shops tht have nectar cards for points to collect

by harri8, 23 Jun 2014
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