£19 Premier Inn Hotel Rooms

by from money.co.uk, 10 Apr 2012
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Premier Inn
by BenU from money.co.uk, 4 months ago
Verified49 ratings
Premier Inn
by BenU from money.co.uk, 1 month ago
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Book a Premier Inn room for as little as £19 per night in the Big Bank Holiday Sale.

What's the deal?

You can stay at Premier Inns across the UK for just £19 per night when you book in their sale.

Stays are available this summer between 3rd May and 10th June, 2012.

Plus, you'll be able to book a day ahead of everyone else if you sign up for the Premier Inn newsletter.

How do I benefit?

Simply visit the Premier Inn website to search for and book your £19 rooms.


All bookings are non refundable, subject to availability and must be made at least 14 days in advance.

We have done our very best to make sure that the information included in this Deal is accurate. However, sometimes offers can be withdrawn or changed at the last minute so please do check that you're able to redeem this Deal before parting with any money, or going out of your way to take advantage of the offer.
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Thank you for the advance notice Martin - I've just registered so I don't miss out or forget. Planning a uk trip in May and we really like Premier Inn so this is very handy. Many thanks

by wendiew, 10 Apr 2012

Thanks Martin, very useful, have registered

by Jazzj, 10 Apr 2012

you try and find one for ?19!!!

by megnlu, 13 Apr 2012

I've had a look and they do exist - but there's not many and it's a real chore trying to find them...... they are not making them at all obvious.

by wendiew, 13 Apr 2012

Needle in a haystack but if you're flexible they are there

by Jazzj, 15 Apr 2012
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Thanks, Martin.
There's a new premier inn just opened in my area and would love to try it out at that price you can't grumble!

by serena1, 13 Apr 2012
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