15p/litre Off Fuel at Morrisons

by from money.co.uk, 24 Feb 2012
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by BenU from money.co.uk, 7 Oct 2014
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Cut the cost of running your vehicle, with 15p/litre off fuel at Morrisons.What's the deal?

Spend 60 or more at your nearest Morrisons store and you can get 15p/litre off petrol and diesel the next time you fill up your tank.

How do I benefit?

Simply visit your nearest Morrisons store and spend 60 or more on groceries by the 4th March.

You will then be handed a 15p/litre fuel voucher which you can use at any Morrisons petrol station until 11th March, 2012.

When you come to redeem your 15p/litre discount, simply hand the member of staff your voucher before you pay.


This offer is available until 4th March, 2012.

Fuel vouchers must be used by 11th March, 2012.


For a full set of terms and conditions visit the Morrisons website.

We have done our very best to make sure that the information included in this Deal is accurate. However, sometimes offers can be withdrawn or changed at the last minute so please do check that you're able to redeem this Deal before parting with any money, or going out of your way to take advantage of the offer.
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Discuss '15p/litre Off Fuel at Morrisons '

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Bit of a joke offer....I wanted to use my petrol discount voucher obtained in my local store Worthing West Sussex, and when I enquired in store where the nearest Morrison's petrol station was, I was told Southampton !!

According to the RAC route planner, I would have to make a 105 mile, 2 & 1/4 hour round trip, using ?19 worth of fuel, to fill up.....needless to day I didn't bother,

I do think Morrisons should be a bit more careful with making offers that realistically are useless to thousands of their customers....some would say intentionally useless!! and just a ploy to get folk to spend over ?60 in a single visit, with a false incentive as a reward !!

Oh and when you go to their website and try to locate the nearest petrol station using their finder tool, you end up going round in circles.....it fails to work!!

by silverbob, 26 Feb 2012

I totally agree, Silverbob x

by annpom, 27 Feb 2012

Let's be fair. If you already shop at Morrisons you should know if they have a petrol station. It's a bit pointless looking at such offers otherwise.

by BettyW, 29 Feb 2012

my point Betty, is that hypothetically speaking : if Morrisons have say 450 stores countrywide and only 20 petrol stations they should not be making a big campaign about saving 15 per litre if you spend over ?60 in a visit, when only a small percentage of their millions of customers can actually benefit from the offer......They could definitely come up with something for all their customers (myself included) to benefit from.
Tesco and Sainsbury certainly have enough petrol stations to justify their similar offers of petrol discounts.
I have no personal axe to grind with Morrisons....i like the store !!! just not the particular offer !!

by silverbob, 29 Feb 2012

I generally disregard ALL such offers but, regarding Morrison stores, there are three within 15 miles of my home (South Northants or Milton Keynes) and ALL have petrol stations.

by BettyW, 29 Feb 2012

I took advantage of this offer, brilliant, the best, filled me tank up, cant wait for the offer to come round again. STOP moaning, every penny counts.

by adrianw25, 14 Mar 2012

Of coarse every penny counts ....THAT IS THE WHOLE POINT I AM MAKING !!! .... I also need to make the pennies count ,as do (I'm sure) all the other customers in the same boat as myself....the nearest petrol station is so far to travel to, it wipes out the saving !! therefore the comments posted are....NOT MOANING, just pointing out the unfairness of offers that don't actually benefit ALL customers equally !! anyway I'm pleased you're all right Jack !!

by silverbob, 14 Mar 2012

Hi Silverbob,

Perhaps it'd be worth starting a discussion on these supermarket petrol offers to see what other members feel about them?

Would be interesting to see if people think they're fantastic discounts or feel that they are unfair to some customers in the same way you do.


by Martin from money.co.uk, 14 Mar 2012

I am pleased that the deal was done.all offers are a bargain for someone i dont buy half price wine but except many do, I would prefer the savings was on bread spuds and meat but it never will be its called "loss leaders" thanks morrison baby, do it again.

by wylex3, 22 May 2012
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theres a morrisons petrol in crowbourogh

by marksa, 6 Nov 2012

Hi Marksa,
Thanks for your message. I have just checked the RAC route finder, and basically, it would be a 70.6 mile return journey, lasting 2 hours and 22 minutes plus the time spent filling up at the petrol station, would cost £12.80 in fuel to complete the journey ( @ 18p per mile RAC calculation) and if I filled the tank from absolutely empty, I would buy 54 litres of petrol, and make a saving against full price of 15p per litre = total saving £8.10 against full price and making a loss of £4.70 overall + wear and tear on my car + wasting nearly 3 hours doing it!!.....Now I ask you, would you make the journey?

by silverbob, 6 Nov 2012

theres also 1 in eastbourne if your that way and no i wouild not travel 70miles lol

by marksa, 7 Nov 2012

65.39 miles round trip taking 3 hours, 3 minutes on horrible roads, £11.77 in petrol...taken from RAC website again....No I think I'll give that a miss too !!
I just wish Morrisons (and maybe other chains) would give customers a choice in deals ...maybe £5 off next shop or 15p off per litre of petrol, that way non drivers or those in my situation, would also reap the benefits of loyalty perks !!

by silverbob, 7 Nov 2012

I totally agree with you silverbob and sorry you have had to put so many postings on to get your message over. That's happened to us when we have been on holiday. The Supermarket has given us a voucher (not selling petrol/diesel themselves) and we would have had to travel miles and miles to get anything off. :-))

by Sabre, 7 Nov 2012
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