Aldi Sunday and Thursday Special Buys

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On Sunday and Thursday every week Aldi sell a range of products at a fantastic 'Special Buy' price. The Special Buys are often themed or seasonal and feature one-off unbeatable deals.

Past merchandise has included DIY accessories, kitchen appliances, auto, sports, garden and outdoors products.

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Discuss 'Aldi Sunday and Thursday Special Buys'

Yip i can confirm i have now swapped from Lidl to Aldi - saves a few quid and some good deals on their Thu deal thing - wonder when Lidl will offer a similar deal.

Good one this time Billj.

by Omendata, 24 Sep 2013

Too much of the same stuff all the time. Their Meat and Poultry etc are very good value, as are the vegetables if you are a large family. but the other stuff there is too much which is repeated in such a short time. The organic compost makes your garden full of weeds!!!!!!!!!!!

by hopki82, 24 Feb 2014

it must be your garden I used it with no problem 10 sacks used

by thewal, 25 Feb 2014

I only have two sacks!

by Omendata, 26 Feb 2014
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