50% Off Sainsbury's Toy Sale 2012

by from money.co.uk, 18 Oct 2012
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by BenU from money.co.uk, 3 months ago
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by BenU from money.co.uk, 3 months ago
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The Sainsbury's Toy Sale is back, with up to 50% off toys across the store.

Hundreds of items, including a host of family favourites will be on offer, all with up to 50% off the standard price.

To find out exactly what toys will be on sale, simply visit your nearest Sainsbury's store or order online from the Sainsbury's website.

Terms & Conditions

Some stores may be holding their toy sales a week later to coincide with local school holidays.
All toys will be on sale while stocks last and subject to availability.

Deals you want.When you want them.
We'll let you know when there's a new deal for Sainsbury's.

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Discuss '50% Off Sainsbury's Toy Sale 2012'

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I have been to a couple of Sainsburys toy sales, and found it no better than a jumble sale, The strongest survive loading up their trolley with much of the same items as they can.No doubt to sell on at Ebay.You should limit the number of toys go everyone can benefit JG Exeter

by jgilli, 18 Oct 2012

Quite right
The greedy , selfish and avaricious spoil everything for the decent minority.

by nadge, 21 Oct 2012
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I found there was alot of stuff last year but also stuff I wouldnt of brought if it wasnt in the sale. Will be more selective this time.

by roseglass, 19 Oct 2012

Can you tell me how you know this please as there is so many people saying the 24 or 25. Thanks

by deanne31, 19 Oct 2012

Yes, please can you tell me how you know this as I know someone who works as a store manager for sainsburys and have been told it will start Thursday November 1st. Which is also half term week which is when they have always started.

by sarahfl75, 19 Oct 2012

Hi Sarahfl & Deanne,

We are hearing some rumours that some stores will be starting their Toy sales early, so it's worth checking with your local store exactly when they'll go on offer so you don't miss out.

Equally, some stores may also be delaying their toy sale to the following week if the local half term week is later than other areas to make sure it coincides with the school holiday. :-)

by Martin from money.co.uk, 19 Oct 2012

I shall double check with my neighbour. I do most of my Xmas shopping at these events.

by sarahfl75, 19 Oct 2012

Spreading the cost and taking advantage of these early sales can make a big difference! We'll be finding the best prices for all the top Christmas toys this year too, so keep an eye out for those too! :-)

by Martin from money.co.uk, 19 Oct 2012
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Great news everyone, Sainsbury's have confirmed that the Toy Sale will be starting tomorrow morning with up to 50% off every toy in store and online!

by Martin from money.co.uk, 23 Oct 2012

What time does the on-line sale start

by lucyw, 23 Oct 2012

Hi Lucy, we've been told by Sainsbury's that the sale will begin at 12.30am, although the choice online will be more limited than what's on offer in store.

by Martin from money.co.uk, 23 Oct 2012
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hi are the stores going to be opening at normal times tomorrow then?

by cquin30, 23 Oct 2012

Hi Cquinn, some of our members have told us that their stores are opening early for the sale but I expect most will be open at the usual time.

The safest thing to do if you want to get there when the sale starts would be to give your nearest store a ring and check with them :-).

by Martin from money.co.uk, 23 Oct 2012
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sainsburys toy sale definatly starts tomorrow 24th October 2012 itisnow advitised on sainsburys web page happy shopping all :)

by gemma5, 23 Oct 2012

I hope you all get some great bargains - good luck.

by Sabre, 23 Oct 2012

Just been to the toy sale. Defiantly worth a visit but found that you have to go online too to get everything that you want. The click and collect in store option is good too to save on delivery cost. Have fun

by Candystar, 24 Oct 2012

i went to the store at 8am before work and a lot of people had trolleys full unfortunatley I had my 2 year old toddler with me so having a proper look was a nightmare. People seem to be blind to whats going on around them just standing in the way buying tonnes of one item not giving others a chance. It was like supermarket sweep! ridiculas. I got home and seen more things online but my luck out of stock :(

by cquin30, 24 Oct 2012

Oh what a shame you didn't get what you want cquin. There are such a lot of greedy morons about who want everything.

by Sabre, 24 Oct 2012
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£50 plus spent this week for over £100 worth of good toys .sets of books ,Enid Blyton for the 9 year old .Lego and meccano for the boys.,Cuddly cushions ,really pleased with what I bought .Now the teenage grandchildren ,what do I get them.?

by rosetta, 27 Oct 2012

By the way lasts for another week ,and new stuff coming in for next week ..

by rosetta, 27 Oct 2012

Is the sainsburys 50% toy sale going to be back on before Xmas?

by nlouise, 15 Nov 2012
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