Free £25 Waitrose Voucher with 4 shops (myWaitrose cardholders)

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Shop four times at Waitrose between now and 9th December spending at least £50 a time and you'll get £25 in Waitrose vouchers to use in January next year.

Your Four Festive Shops can be in store or online (a £50 shop online even qualifies for free delivery) provided you use a myWaitrose loyalty card.

Simply show your card before you pay in store, or register it to your online Waitrose account to record each valid £50 shop.

If you don't yet have a myWaitrose card you can sign up here:

You can use a temporary myWaitrose card for the £50 shops while your application is processed: however all four festive shops must go on the same card.

A single £10 Waitrose voucher and three £5 Waitrose vouchers should arrive in January 2013, and can be redeemed one per week throughout January only.

Terms & Conditions

Full terms and conditions:
Refer to the Waitrose vouchers for individual redemption dates and redemption instructions.

Excludes petrol filling stations, Shell and Welcome Break.
Excludes flowers, entertaining, home and hampers, infant formula, tobacco, stamps, mobile top ups, e-Top up vouchers, lottery tickets, gift vouchers, cash back, car park charges, fuel, delivery charges and Self Scan transactions.

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Discuss 'Free £25 Waitrose Voucher with 4 shops (myWaitrose cardholders)'

Not happy when looked into the Terms and Conditions of "Four Festive Shops" offer.
Not clear regarding the weekly x 4 different shopping trips needed to use these vouchers. I give up!!!

by doreenm82, 6 Nov 2012

Hi doreen,

The "Four Festive Shops" do need to be separate rather than splitting a single shop four ways. However, according to myWaitrose T&Cs that doesn't need to be over 4 weeks:

"Spend £50 in Branch or on Groceries online in one transaction over four separate days"

by BillJ, 7 Nov 2012

I registered as a member with a shopping of 83.95 pounds on November 16 and have since bought groceries costing 57.50 pounds Nov 22 and 95.02 on December 1/12. I gave the filled-in application to the attendant and was assured that my permanent card would be sent soon. It has not come. Please send my card and reassure me that I will benefit from "Four Festive Shops".
Thank you.

by rolandneil, 5 Dec 2012

Please send me my permanenet card and reassure me that I qualify for the benefits promised.

by rolandneil, 5 Dec 2012

Hi Roland,

First, I'd like to confirm that we're not Waitrose and that, by the sounds of it, you may be best speaking to them.

Your £50 shops will have been eligible for the £25 Waitrose rewards if you used a myWaitrose card for each purchase - this could have been a temporary or permanent card. If it was a temporary card, all of your shops will need to be on that same card.

If you didn't use any myWaitrose card at the time of your purchases, I'm unsure whether you'll be able to add those shops retrospectively. In this case you'd be best speaking to the attendant you mentioned again, or phoning Waitrose direct.

I hope that helps,

by BillJ, 6 Dec 2012

not received £25 waitrose voucher

by sandr46, 8 Jan 2013

I have not received my vouchers either. Any idea of how to check the status? It is already 11th January

by whiii, 11 Jan 2013

Hi both, sorry to hear that you haven't yet received your vouchers. I would imagine they are on their way because I received mine at the end of last week.

Rather helpfully the Waitrose website simply states: "The vouchers will be sent in January 2013 and are to be redeemed one per week during January 2013." which doesn't give us much to go on.

As time is ticking on it's probably worth querying their whereabouts with Waitrose direct (we aren't involved in their provision so it's out of our hands unfortunately).

Their email is or you can call on 0800 188 884.

I hope you manage to get it sorted out.

by Hannah from, 11 Jan 2013

I'm still waiting for the vouchers which should have arrived in January. On my third time of contacting them they tell me the next delivery date of vouchers is 16 March! Very disappointed in them. Might tell them where they can stick there card, they are obviously not capable of running the scheme.

by sandram64, 15 Feb 2013

March! That's ridiculous sandram64. Did they say why it was taking so long?

by Hannah from, 19 Feb 2013

I was first of all told 3 weeks which would have been mid march and when I yelped with surprise the guy then amended it to 1 march. Of course I haven't received them. I think they just make it up. I'm so angry.

by juliah4, 2 Mar 2013

I rang Waitrose Customer Support 10 days ago to say I had not received my vouchers and was told I should have received them but vouchers for spending in February would be sent out. Still heard nothing. Anyone else have this experience? Eileen

by EWR, 21 Jan 2013

Both my husband and I have not had our vouchers either, we contacted Waitrose and they want us to provide all the transaction numbers from the till receipts, only then will they honour the vouchers!! As regular (practically daily!) Waitrose shoppers spending about £150 a week I am really cross! Why can't they tell from the card what you've spent? I've heard people in store querying their now show vouchers too. What a con!

by MargeH, 24 Jan 2013

Disappointed I've not received my £25 voucher either - checked in store and was told to ring the number on the card but was left waiting too long, no one picked up. Not what I expected from Waitrose.

by sd510, 30 Jan 2013

I too have not received January vouchers and it is now February! My wife has phoned customer services 3 times to get updates. The first two times, early in January, she was told they would be arriving and on the third time she was told we would get vouchers to use in February but still nothing. I have e-mailed 'mywaitrose' and had no reply and my wife and I have been in to our store on seperate occassions to try and get this sorted out but we just get re-directed to the useless phone number or e-mail.

Similar to earlier comments, we spend around £150 a week and do this throughout the year. The vouchers are a drop in the ocean to what we spend there but it is in infuriating that we have not received.

We shop there because it is less busy than the cheaper supermarkets but at the moment it is much busier than usual, presumably because people that don't normaly use the store have their vouchers. Well done Waitrose! you have some new customers for a month or so but you are certainly about to lose one loyal one.

by dougpo, 2 Feb 2013

I still don't have my vouchers. First told it would be 16 Feb. Then 1 March. I don't think they have any idea what is going on. Still receiving emails encouraging me to shop there. Sorry Waitrose I'm not setting foot inside until I get my vouchers.

by juliah4, 2 Mar 2013

Don't talk to me about the 4 festive shops! I've phoned them 4 times and emailed 4 times and it has taken until last week to get (a) apologies (b) extra vouchers for their incompetence, not to mention 3 Mywaitrose permanent cards which don't all bear the same number! I've now actually received £85 in vouchers so I'm going to shut up now and just spend them Oh, and they've mail-merged my address with someone else's so everything I get from them has a variation on the same wrong address. This whole promotion has been an absolute shambles.

by gifi, 9 Mar 2013
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