Best Price: Fresh Christmas Turkey Crowns

by , 14 Nov 2012
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We compared offerings from all major UK supermarkets to find the best fresh turkey prices for your Christmas Dinner centrepiece.

The cheapest fresh turkey crowns are £7.79 per kg at Aldi, whether for medium, large or extra large turkeys.

Aldi turkey crowns are available in store from 19th Dec:

Terms & Conditions

Turkey crowns are sold subject to availability. If you compare turkey prices from major supermarkets, your alternatives include:

ASDA turkey crown from £8/kg

Waitrose turkey crown from £9.49/kg (order now, collection or delivery 22nd to 24th Dec):

M&S turkey crown from £15/kg (order by 15th Dec, valid for collection only):

Morrisons turkey crown from £7.99/kg (order by 28th Dec for New Year's Eve collection only):

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