50% Off Thursdays at Yate's

by , 23 Dec 2012
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Sorry, this deal has now expired. No need to worry though as we have plenty more deals like it for you to choose from...

Sizzling Pubs
by KirstyT, 3 weeks ago
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Fayre & Square
by BillJ from money.co.uk, 5 months ago
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Yate's has a fantastic range of pub classics including yummy fish and chips, juicy burgers and spicy curries.

Visit any participating Yate's bar on a Thursday and receive 50% off your bill!

Visit the website now to find your nearest establishment and to view the menu.

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Selected Yates's only. Terms and conditions apply

Prices and events may vary - please check with the venue for further details. Management reserves the right to withdraw / change offers at any time.

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