£2.99/month Broadband & Calls Package from Primus

by from money.co.uk, 4 Mar 2013
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You can get a full home phone and broadband package to suit medium-heavy internet users for just £2.99 per month via Primus.

The £2.99 Primus Saver phone and broadband package is valid on 18 month contracts, offering:

*Internet speeds of up to 14Mb
*40GB download allowance
*Free evening/weekend calls to UK landlines
*Free technical support.
*Free connection and a free wireless router.

A £15.19/month line rental charge applies, giving you the above for £18.18/month.

Terms & Conditions

Please refer to the Primus website for full details, order instructions, terms and conditions. If you pay the full 18 months' line rental in advance, the price is just £10 per month (£180).

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