SKY Customers Get A Free Wireless Connector.

by , 2 Jun 2013
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Sky TV are currently offering a FREE wireless connector for those customers who have Sky Movies and a Sky+ HD box.

The normal cost of one of these connectors is £21.95 but, in the past, these have been free to new customers who have upgraded to Sky Movies and Sky HD but now they are offering this as a freebie to ALL customers.

This piece of equipment allows for wireless connection to your broadband router to enable a quick and easy connection to their On Demand service.

I currently have an ethernet cable attached to my Sky+HD box and this is connected to my broadband router. This removes the need for that wired connection.

Unlock On Demand when you connect a compatible Sky+HD box to any broadband router using our Wireless Connector. Choose from hundreds of movies, all available to download
at the touch of a button, with Sky Movies on demand.

Connect your Sky+HD box to your broadband router with our Wireless Connector to unlock On Demand and choose the movies you want to watch, at a time that suits you. There are hundreds to choose from, with something for everyone including action blockbusters, family favourites, cult classics, romantic dramas and more.

On demand comes at no extra cost when you join Sky TV. Available on compatible Sky+HD boxes with broadband from any provider.

Also FREE postage & packing!

I'm highlighting this as it FREE and if you are eligible to receive it, then why not. It might also prove useful in other circumstances!

What's not too like especially if you are already a Sky customer?

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Sky's usual standard terms and condition of business apply to all their services.

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Discuss 'SKY Customers Get A Free Wireless Connector.'

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Except, when you get to the checkout, it charges the normal full price for the wireless connector.

by jgowen, 2 Jun 2013

Are you logging in using your name and password? Do you already have Sky movies?

I too found that but when I went in through the main page that dealt with On Demand and clicked on the Offer - 'Already have Sky Movies?' link in the specific section of Get A Free Wireless Connector' about half way down the page on the right hand side and click on the link 'Get It Now', which is in that advertorial. It took me to the page and showed FREE in the checkout.

If you still get no joy, call Sky Customer Services and they should be able to process the order via phone as long as you qualify for the connector..

by Parchester, 2 Jun 2013


Thanks for that. Successfully ordered.

For the benefit of others, the key seems to be, to be already logged into your Sky account before hitting the Go To Deal button. This took me to a different screen where the cost was free.

by jgowen, 3 Jun 2013

Yes. Another scam from Sky itself. I telephoned the Sky Advisory - they know nothing about this and cannot help. Convenient hey

by SparklingAngel, 3 Jun 2013

Not a scam, when I know that so many people are receiving these. As jgowen says log in to your My Sky account and visit the On Demand section and follow the guidance I give above.

by Parchester, 3 Jun 2013

OK. I did follow your guidelines. Ordered it and then I get an extra £4.00 added onto my monthly fee. I telephoned Sky and she said to ignore it. It just unnerve you when you order something for free you think what is the catch and then I get this £4.00 addition. I get this all the time with hidden extras from Sky. But thanks for you reply. I will keep an eye on my direct debits tho

by SparklingAngel, 3 Jun 2013
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Just been in contact with SKY and they have no idea about this deal. Dont know who posted but it seems to be a false offer

by ski1967, 3 Jun 2013

I posted it and it is a real and genuine deal.

How can it be false when others are claiming it? Even others on here are acknowledging that they're getting it.

Why don't you follow the instructions above? Log in to your 'My Sky Account' and go to the section about On Demand and follow the detailed instructions given above, click on the link on the relevant page and take it from there?

by Parchester, 3 Jun 2013

The following is taken from the Sky website.

I hope this clarifies that it isn't a "false offer".

Free Wireless Connector

Unlock On Demand when you connect a compatible Sky+HD box to any broadband router using our Wireless Connector. Choose from hundreds of movies, all available to download
at the touch of a button, with Sky Movies on demand.

Available to Sky TV customers with the Sky Movies Pack (Sky Movies 1&2). Offer ends 27 June 2013. Wireless Connector normally £21.95. Self set-up required.

Already have Sky Movies?
If you're already a Sky Movies Pack customer, you too can enjoy hundreds of movies on demand with a free Wireless Connector (normally £21.95).

Get it now.

Just visit the site and don't rely on telephone sales people who when pressed wouldn't be able to tell you the day of the week or date unless prompted by a computer screen!

by Parchester, 3 Jun 2013
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For those who doubted the legitimacy of this offer.

Today, I took receipt of my Wifi connector box and have now installed it and it works like a dream.

Free box, free postage and also a text from Royal Mail telling me it would be delivered today and it was.

In my opinion, faultless customer service.

by Parchester, 7 Jun 2013

I've had a letter from Sky saying its on its way. Only downside seems be the quality of the box, judging by reports on the Sky forum, but we will see.

by jgowen, 7 Jun 2013

I suspect they're clearing their shelves in order to upgrade it or even to have it inbuilt in future Sky+ HD boxes.

I still have yet to fully explore its potential..

by Parchester, 7 Jun 2013

Used the link as it was and no problem supplied free and confirmation by letter this morning.

by Noddy1, 7 Jun 2013
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I've just followed the above directions and then had emails from Sky confirming the order..

by kmboy, 7 Jun 2013

Mine arrived last week, free of charge, shame email from Royal Mail arrived 2 hrs after it was delivered. Within the hour it was connected and working fine, even downloaded a couple of films to watch later... Thanks Sky

by kmboy, 18 Jun 2013
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Mine was delivered last week and is installed and working no problems easy to install.

by Noddy1, 18 Jun 2013

I'm glad that people have received their free wireless connectors and that the offer, as listed, has been proved to be a real and genuine offer.

Thank you to those who have acknowledged the offer here.

by Parchester, 18 Jun 2013

A excellant tip Parchester much obliged not often you get anything free off SKY.

by Noddy1, 19 Jun 2013
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