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At your local Harvester, school summer holidays mean a red-hot offer that won't burn a hole in your pocket. For each adult ordering breakfast or weekend brunch from Friday 19th July to Sunday 1st September, 2 children under 11 get theirs on the house.

Choices for grown-up appetites
Harvester's breakfast and weekend brunch means choices galore. For grown-ups, we've got glorious grills - like our full-Monty Harvester big breakfast, mixed-grill brunch, and steak and eggs - each served with your pick of delicious sides. Plus sausage and bacon baps, breakfast specials, bacon and maple, and your pick from more than a dozen hot and cold drinks.

Tasty and delicious options for kids
For their free summer-holidays breakfast or brunch, kids under 11 get to choose from tasty options like scrambled egg and beans on toast, grilled pancake with natural yoghurt and mixed berries, and our protein-packed Harvey's mixed breakfast. To wash it all down, we've got delicious Robinson's Fruit Shoots. Plus smoothies, milkshakes, and pure fruit juices to count towards their five-a-day.

Terms & Conditions

*All Harvester restaurants, except Harvester Falcon, serve either breakfast seven days a week, or brunch at weekends only. Please check your local restaurant for serving times.

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