Free John Lewis Reward Card (my John Lewis)

by , 21 Oct 2013
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John Lewis launched its first membership scheme in 2013.

Their brand new "my John Lewis" card gives you:

* Entry into regular prize draws with every shop
* Personalised shopping incentives
* Invitations to exclusive local events & previews

Simply visit the John Lewis website to sign up for their my John Lewis scheme for free; it'll arrive already linked to your online account.

Terms & Conditions

Subject to John Lewis terms and conditions. Your card will tailor a range of offers to you as it learns your spending habits in the same fashion as the myWaitrose card. You can also sign up in store by providing your email address.

Deals you want.When you want them.
We'll let you know when there's a new deal for John Lewis.

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can I join in store?

by annpse, 29 Oct 2013

Hi annpse, yep it's easy to join up in-store. Just find a customer services desk and ask, I think the only info you need is an email address? Have fun & good luck

by BillJ, 30 Oct 2013

I love shopping in John Lewis. I do not know how to activate my card. Maria Pereira

by francis15, 3 days ago
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I have been sent a my john lewis card but I don't know how to activate it

by valeri71, 5 Nov 2013

You activate it by using it ...go to the restaurant and get your free cake and hot drink ....that's it .....just show your card at the till..
I used mine yesterday and had the pick of their beautiful cakes .
Also a hot chocolate with a mountain of cream on top full of tiny marshmallows ...wish I could put a photo on here ...Delicious

by rosetta, 5 Dec 2013

I have had My John lewis card since last Oct .I shop a lot in my local John Lewis because they Sell the best products and will match prices at other outlets on the high street and the staff are so well trained,they can offer you all the information and Knowledge on the products you require nothing is too much trouble they are there to give you the best advice you need.(Never Knowingly undersold) .Plus its nice to have a cup of coffee and a cake or pastry of your choice once a month with My John lewis Loyalty Card,Also My Waitrose loyalty card you can have a cup of coffee or a cup of tea and a choice of a daily Newspaper when you shop at your local Waitrose Store also a plus is you can order your groceries online and collect them from your local store or for orders over £50.00 have them delivered to your home( Free Delivery) I had an order delivered today and what a lovely surprise I had a little thank You Card thanking me for shopping with them and enclosed a Bottle of champagne how nice is that.So on behalf of my husband and self Well done John Lewis and Waitrose. Patricia and Patrick B.

by patbut80, 21 Jan 2014

Love it patbut ....I even had the cake put in a little bag for me to take home I bought a lovely lunch so couldn't manage the beautiful cake ...such nice people ...

by rosetta, 9 Apr 2014

I find it hard to sign up for this card not got a clue what to do

by babyjac80, 29 Jun 2014

Go into John Lewis reward card and fill in your details address etc so they can send it to you ...keep the vouchers these are what you hand in the restaurant

by rosetta, 14 Jul 2014

I have a reward card but i am still waiting for my vouchers

by joanm43, 2 months ago
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No need to discuss ...the cake was the most expensive they had and the hot chocolate was topped with baby marshmallows and cream ...yes I also spent money in the kitchen area of the shop ...

by rosetta, 22 Jan 2014

trying to sign up to reward card -have put in password and then lost link - e-mail received re password

by marclemarcle, 11 Feb 2014

sounds very good card

by tennisgirl, 8 Apr 2014

You get a little booklet with monthly tickets don't throw the booklet away ..when you receive the card ....or you throw away your freebies ....

by rosetta, 9 Apr 2014

Get it on line

by rosetta, 9 Apr 2014

Great idea looking forwardto getting my next purchase

by eilee69, 11 Apr 2014

how do I get a johnlewis card

by 3333, 15 Apr 2014

On line ...simple fill in ...john Lewis reward card ...

by rosetta, 15 Apr 2014

I do not know how to get my johnlewiscard

by sharle41, 12 May 2014

I have john lewis temporary card from store but cannot seem to activate on line?
I do hold a John lewis credit card with an pin no.

by jean15, 30 May 2014

No John lewis store card is different ...go into reward card and sign up ...

by rosetta, 14 Jul 2014
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how can I join

by marga78, 14 Jul 2014

On line ...but you will also be sent with your card afew vouchers these vouchers dated per month will allow you your free cake ....and drink ....any drink ...I have the hot chocolate with the small marshmallows on top ....whey Hey !

by rosetta, 14 Jul 2014

Just look up My card John Lewis also My card Waitrose ...

by rosetta, 14 Jul 2014

I have a temporary my john lewis card but have not received a permanent card in the name of Mrs Rosemary Reed? My husband has received his?

by rosy4me, 29 Jul 2014

Don't worry it will come ....but you should have received the monthly vouchers with it ....these are actually what you present in the restaurant ...if you haven't received them them

by rosetta, 6 months ago

Thank you

by rosy4me, 6 months ago

Rosy ...they are so kind if I am going to eat on the other side of the restaurant in Brent cross so only want a drink ,they actually pack the cake ,I should say Gateaux
To take home ..

by rosetta, 6 months ago

Can't fault mine either Rosetta .I buy all white electrics from there as you get 2 yr guarantee. Can normally pick up next day from their depot 5 mins from the store and they carry the item to your car......Many stores have a lot to learn from them.

by martini97, 6 months ago

Yes martini ...I just bought before I left England ,my microwave micro and normal cooker ...perfect for here in France ....I remember my friend took a pepper pot back she had bought years before .that had broken underneath ..and she was told go and get another one ....that was a few years back .but never knowingly undersold

I have full confidence in John Lewis too

by rosetta, 6 months ago

How do I get a free john Lewis reward card

by sm48, 4 months ago

On line ....

by rosetta, 3 months ago
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I have been sent a John Lewis "my" card but don't know how to activate it.

by Drey, 4 months ago

I hope tjh card is now activated

by Drey, 3 months ago

Thank You

by Drey, 3 months ago

Just use it is automatically activated on use Drey x

by rosetta, 3 months ago

But Drey's the vouchers you must remember to take for the tea and cake ....

by rosetta, 3 months ago

I have a loyalty card but have been told it is finishing, is this correct

by merlemTabitha32, 3 months ago
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How do I activate my card to get a £5 voucher off

by kw08bl, 3 months ago

Just spend money in store and produce your card.

by martini97, 3 months ago

I got my card but no vouchers - has this free hot drink + cake finished?
My daughter has a card + vouchers !!

by wilde1, 3 months ago

When I first received my JOhn Lewis card for free coffee and cake I was so surprised but I enjoyed the coffee and the gluten free cake I. Is it the restaurant in Brent Cross at least three times a week and each time it's enjoyable.

by doukaki, 3 months ago

I got my john lewis card but no free coffee and cake vouchers with it. Has that finished now?

by zsazsa, 2 months ago

I have temporary card but cannot register online

by satwin91, 1 month ago
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