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£20 M&S Valentine's Dine in for Two Menu

by , 4th February 2015
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Sorry, this deal has now expired. No need to worry though as we have plenty more deals like it for you to choose from...

by Katie M, 9th February 2016
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by claireh, 3 weeks ago
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M&S have sent us the details of their highly anticipated Valentine's Day Dine in two for £20 Meal Deal, including a selection of the very best and most popular dishes that you can enjoy from this year's menu.

Once again, you will be able to choose a starter, main course, side dish, dessert, and a bottle of wine all for just £20, plus a special box of chocolates as a treat too!

£5.50, Coquilles St Jacques, 300g
£3.50, Runny Poached Eggs, 225g
£4.20 Thai Style Fishcakes, 320g

Main Courses
£14 2x Fillet of Beef Wellington, 420g
£10 Rump Steak with Peppercorn Sauce, 425g
£10 Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb, 350g

£2 Layered Super Green Vegetables, 275g
£2 Chunky Chips, 400g
£2 Mediterranean Roasting Vegetables, 350g

£3.50 Posh Profiterole Stack, 130g
£4 Marc De Champagne Mousse, 140g
£4 Valentines Hearts, 150g

£9 Friuli Sauvignon Blanc
£11 Marquès del Romeral Reserva Rioja,
£8 Cava Heretat El Padruell,
£8 Heretat El Padruell Cava Rosado

Plus the chocolates, £1.50 Valentines Chocolate Heart's, 58g.

You could pay as much as £36.50 for the most expensive dish combination when purchased outside of the meal deal, so you could argue you are saving as much as £16 when purchasing during the Valentine's Meal Deal event.

Visit an M&S food store between the 11th and the 16th February to make the most of the £20 Valentine's Meal deal event and enjoy a sumptuous Valentine's banquet to share among yourselves for just £20.

You can find your nearest M&S food hall via their website: http://www.marksandspencer.com/s/communications/MSStoreFinderGlobalBaseView?storeId=10151&langId=-24&catalogId=10051

Terms & Conditions

All items on the M&S dine in menu are subject to availability.

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We'll let you know when there's a new deal for M&S.

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Discuss '£20 M&S Valentine's Dine in for Two Menu'

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A good deal but 1 side with a main course means you may have to buy a top up .

by martini97, 4th February 2015

Went into a Marks yesterday to look at a their meal deals, hardly anything available and all that was left were a few chicken bits not even enough to make a meal deal.

These offers are all very well but you probably need to be there at opening times on the day the offers are out, it was also 15 miles to our nearest Marks so will not be bothering again.

by mallin, 5th February 2015

I had the same problem with deals not available so I phoned and they were happy to put my selection aside to be picked up later in the day. Excellent service from the Hertford branch. Alan Maile

by alanma44, 5th February 2015

Remind them to put in fridge ..lovely if left under customer services desk.

by martini97, 5th February 2015

I assume that the staff do actually have a brain so I don't insult them by suggesting that they put it in the fridge. They told me that they would anyway.

by alanma44, 10th February 2015

Apologies ....you don't follow my humour .My son worked there over xmas .My comment is a joke ...you should hear his comments.

by martini97, 10th February 2015

I bet your son had an interesting experience working as a Xmas temp on Food .........

by susanc547, 11th February 2015

He did susan but he was put all over the place so plenty to put on C.V. Tidying mens fashion, on the tills etc .
Now has job in local pub to boost cHance of jobs when he goes to uni in Sept.
M and S have offered Easter hours.

by martini97, 14th February 2015

All about team work and brilliant on your son's C.V. Your son is a credit to you, Martini. He is a worker. He will be welcomed back to M&S at Easter because he has shown them he is a VERY WILLING and GOOD worker . I applaud him and you too . He has shown that he is not afraid of working hard . It is possible , if he enquires after his Easter Temp Seasonal work , he may get a transfer to the nearest M&S , where he is to attend Uni . Just a suggestion , not meaning to interfere , Martini.

by susanc547, 14th February 2015
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Virtually same menu as last year - disappointed.

by carolin21, 6th February 2015

Though worth picking up two meals and freezing one , if you are in a position to do so . The Beef Wellingtons and rump steak freeze . The Coquilles Saint Jacques are superb and freeze well .Worth thinking of Easter.

by susanc547, 7th February 2015

Quite some time to be leaving cockles in a freezer. A good idea, otherwise.

by MrsAmber, 11th February 2015

I should really have said ANY sea food as I'm aware that, strictly speaking coquilles doesn't actually mean cockles. What I was getting at is that I don't think it's wise to freeze sea food for any longer than one month at the most.

by MrsAmber, 11th February 2015

They freeze beautifully , no problem . Coquilles are actually scallops . The Coquilles are also sold as a frozen item Mrs. Amber . I do prefer the flavour of the fresh ones . I have put them in the freezer a few times , not detrimental at all . Also fresh prawns purchased with a yellow sticker ie reduced . Obviously freeze asap .

by susanc547, 11th February 2015

Health and safety are paramount ,I realise . You do have to be careful with Meat Fish and Poultry.

by susanc547, 11th February 2015

The literal translation of coquille is "shell shaped dish" (i.e., container).

by lynnebr70, 12th February 2015

Very true. But, the main ingredient of Coquilles St Jacques is scallops, as previously mentioned, as well as other ingredients (recipes vary). Scallops is a sea food, so my point is that I really wouldn't keep any sea food in a freezer for more than a month. Of course, the chances are no harm will come if eaten. But, in my view it's still a risk and a risk which I personally would not take.

by MrsAmber, 13th February 2015
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A veggie option would have been a plus, you disappoint me M&S!

by Bevvie, 7th February 2015

There is one.

by lynnebr70, 12th February 2015
add a comment

Not sure that was the full menu , Bevvie . Think it is just a taster to tempt the tastebuds.

by susanc547, 7th February 2015

So if you don't eat meat, you've had it!

by angibob, 7th February 2015

Doesn't seem to cater for vegetarians.

by trici96, 8th February 2015

Is there a non alcoholic wine/drink option?

by adeleb73, 8th February 2015

Yes there always is adeleb - every Dine In .

by susanc547, 9th February 2015

Wonderful for those of us who choose, for whatever reason, not to eat meat!!

M&S offer very little for non meat eaters, I do eat fish but as my partner is allergic to shellfish, there's nothing here at any level. I'm always amazed at the 'Meal for 2 for £10' offer as well, there is usually something like a risotto for the veggie option and steak or a whole chicken for meat eaters, not so much of an offer then is it? They did do a fabulous cheese and potato pie, with great shortcrust pastry, but they have discontinued that, typical!!

by puridai, 10th February 2015

No vegetarian option as per usual.

by Teresa13, 10th February 2015

Yes there is. If you google M&S meal for £20 it comes up with 9 starters and 13 mains.

by lynnebr70, 12th February 2015
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You chose to be one. Live with it and don't keep on about it.

by alanma44, 10th February 2015

Wow a preachy meat eater. How unusual. *rolls eyes* I'm not the only person unhappy with the selection or lack of.

by Teresa13, 11th February 2015

Stick to your lentils and beans we'll stick to our meat

by Baggers, 11th February 2015
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If you read at the start of the article, it does say that the list is a SELECTION of what is available on the menu, it is NOT the full menu!! I have done this deal with hubby the last 3 years now, and there are always veggie options on it! Neither of us are veggie, but I am not a big meat eater either and we often have a veggie starter. Just hang fire until the entire menu is listed online :)

by krissii74, 10th February 2015

We are tee-total vegetarians on Dr's advice as I am epileptic and we are both diabetic, so nothing here for us as usual. (Have just got the full menu via email and the comment still stands)

by pulask, 10th February 2015

The entire menu is now listed on the M&S website. There is a vegetarian option on the Mains - Mushroom Risotto. There are also non- alcoholic drinks options- Lime and Lemongrass and a Valencia juice twin pack.

by susanc547, 10th February 2015

Vegetarian options in the starters too! Thanks for telling me the menu was up :)

by krissii74, 10th February 2015

No prob ,Krissi . Enjoy , we will , too Waitrose one on website, but not as good as M&S one - just my opinion.

by susanc547, 11th February 2015
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You don't have to be veggie to appreciate food without meat .
Sainsburys are starting their Vals deal tomorrow ....£15 with wine .

by martini97, 10th February 2015

These were just to give you an idea. If you google M&S dinner for £20 it comes up with 13 starters and 9 main courses. However, only one of each is vegetarian.

by lynnebr70, 12th February 2015

Just enjoyed the fab M&S dine - in , for Valentine 's Day . We had the Coquilles St. Jacques, Rump steak with Peppercorn Sauce , garlic mushrooms, Gastropub chips , sugar snap peas . DE - LIC - IOUS . Would have cost a lot more in a restaurant.

by susanc547, 14th February 2015
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