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Free my John Lewis Reward Card

by , 18th February 2015
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The John Lewis reward scheme has been updated so you will no longer be eligible to claim a free pot of tea and a slice of cake whilst shopping in-store. Instead, customers will receive tea and coffee vouchers based on how much they spend in John Lewis - and how frequently they visit the store.

my John Lewis members can still enjoy the following benefits:

- Exclusive previews of upcoming events and news directly from John Lewis
- Invitations to exclusive events and special days in-store
- Entry into a regular prize draw every time you shop and scan your membership card in-store
- Custom tailored offers that suit your interests and shopping habits.

Visit the my John Lewis page on their website to sign up for your new John Lewis reward card and reap the benefits while you shop.

Terms & Conditions

Subject to John Lewis terms and conditions.

Deals you want.When you want them.
We'll let you know when there's a new deal for John Lewis.

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Discuss 'Free my John Lewis Reward Card'

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I tried to claim my free coffee & cake twice but was told i was not eligible, so havent bothered with it since ! just thought it was a bit of a gimmick & a waste of my time. Not amused !

by millie57, 18th February 2015

Yes, I agree! Not impressed!!

by greydo, 19th February 2015

Have tried to claim my £5 reward online as instructed in Cambridge store. Just purchased £85 suitcase. Where do I go? Alison

by thebar11, 18th March 2015

It's to mush fuss for £5.00

by bfield, 24th March 2015

Have tried to register to receive£5 gift voucher I also was rejected I was disappointed not to succeed

by wendy927, 30th September 2015

I wanted to spend a lot on bedding, but cannot activate the £5 reward. I really fed up trying, do they think my time is of no value? I'm going to Debenhams instead.

by egill, 19th October 2015

I cannot activate the 5.00 reward fed up with these things just make prices cheaper. Just a joke to get you on there site waste of time!

by unsold, 9th November 2015

unable to activate £5 reward

by donal12, 2nd December 2015

unable to activate £5 reward voucher why waste customers time

by eglenn, 2nd December 2015

Spent the last 3 days trying to activate the £5 reward voucher - what a waste of time! I think this is a con unless someone tells me differently. Tried again today - and no joy so giving up. Good luck to those that have managed it. 4/12/15

by sharonsc, 4th December 2015

I went to my local JL store and the assistant activated my £5 reward voucher at the till before putting thru my shopping. You may want to try taking it to your nearest JL store.

by xmas, 8th December 2015

Same problem as everyone else. Not what you expect of John Lewis!

by HJKS, 16th December 2015
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by rosali27, 19th February 2015

when I tried to activate my reward card it was rejected, why bother to send it to me!!!

by angelfo2, 23rd February 2015

If you use your card when you buy purchases - you will be sent a free cofee / cake voucher. It is not like Waitrose where the card gets you a free coffee. You get sent a voucher (just received my next one) occasionally. Last time I got my free cake they took off the most expensive cake which I was most impresed about. Its easy to gripe when you want something for nothing - but an occasonal treat does me fine!

by russelllib, 24th February 2015

My son loved his cake & de-luxe hot choc every month.... Worked well for us (Cheadle & Trafford)

by sarahw12, 6th March 2015

Par for the course these days. I lost my credit card and it took over a fortnight to replace it; not v. pleasant service, either.

by laplante, 14th May 2015
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agree, why tell me to activate my vouchers online, if it is not possible to activate my vouchers online?!

by scotoz, 8th March 2015

yup I agree I am unable to activate my voucher waste of time why bother!

by martinj2, 13th March 2015

I dont seem to be able to activate my card

by marycra88, 17th March 2015

is my reward card activated?

by simmo18, 17th March 2015

They say they have sent vouchers but nothing arrives. Got one yesterday (18 March) for beauty box but site for claiming not available. It is all a big con now. No longer the service it used to be.

by Pacarn, 20th March 2015

I have had my John Lewis card for a good two years and have not received any free coffee and cake vouchers for at least 6 months, I do spend a good amount in John Lewis, my sister and friends have received theirs! what has happened?

by MaggieP, 28th March 2015

WHY do you report all the failures and disappointments? Please do something about them speedily.

by yahweh, 8th April 2015

I have asked numerous members of staff what the point of the card is and absolutely none of them knew......I think I got a voucher for tea and cake once!! Pretty useless waste of plastic!!!

by gillia63, 8th April 2015

I agree - had the same problem so had to pay for tea and scone. The tea was appalling so based on that alone will not be returning .

by Peggy05, 10th April 2015

For customer service issues the my John Lewis helpline is 03456 100312 or email myJL@johnlewis.co.uk. Details of the programme can be found here: http://www.johnlewis.com/our-services/my-john-lewis

by cbates8, 24th April 2015

I received my Reward Card a month-or-so ago but am unable to find anywhere on your web site where to activate it.

by bills15, 5th May 2015

If you've received your card in the post then you are already activated. To check, the My account area on johnlewis.com will confirm your membership.

by cbates8, 5th May 2015

Not able to redeem my £5 reward voucher Why?

by dhanch, 21st July 2015

I have received a £5. JL reward voucher vaid 1/9 to 30/9 . How do I acvtivate it.

by peterb96, 26th August 2015

Tried to redeem my five pound reward card why is every thing so hard with John Lewis when it is so easy with Marks Spencers and other stores offers.if you don't want us to have them why do it ?

by Crumpy, 4th September 2015

Tried to activate my £5 vocher& given up.don't get it!

by patmar17, 20th September 2015

I am also unable to activate my reward voucher. How is it done?

by anneho, 30th September 2015

How and when can I activate MY John Lewis card? Please let me know.

by mrgrt, 8th October 2015

useless system as it does not work.

by pcbutt, 11th October 2015

I spent over £1400 .can i have points added to my card

by skochh, 22nd January 2016

For customer service issues the my John Lewis helpline is 03456 100312 or email myJL@johnlewis.co.uk. Details of the programme can be found here: http://www.johnlewis.com/our-services/my-john-lewis

by cbates8, 22nd January 2016
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