Aldi Sunday and Thursday Special Buys

by from, 13 May 2015
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The budget supermarket ALDI sell a range of non-grocery products at an unbeatable 'Specialbuy' price. Every Thursday and Sunday the items change and we will aim to keep you updated weekly. The Specialbuys are themed or seasonal and often include one-off must-have products.

This week the ALDI Specialbuys are:

Sunday 15th November

Thursday 19th November

Sunday 22nd November

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Discuss 'Aldi Sunday and Thursday Special Buys'

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When is factor 50 sunscreen face stick on offer again??

by jamey, 5 months ago

When will you have portable DVD players

by myra64, 4 months ago

When will your facial cleansing brushes be available again

by cjbidd, 4 months ago

Hi guys (jamey,myra64 and cjbidd) you need to be asking Aldi these questions,not on here,where the weekly special buys are just posted for your information.

by Dorrie, 4 months ago

When will motorcycle deals be on

by johnriggers50, 4 months ago

Please read my comment above,about asking Aldi this question,this site just passes on information and does not know when certain items are going to be coming on offer,except just before they do.

by Dorrie, 4 months ago

Hello everyone,

Thank you for explaining Dorrie. I'm afraid doesn't have prior notice of Specialbuys, we just pass on information and aim to update deals as often as possible.

by EmmaK from, 4 months ago

when are the computers on offer

by fegan, 4 months ago

when are the computers on offer

by fegan, 4 months ago

Please,just read the above,fegan.

by Dorrie, 4 months ago

when will easyhome suction toilet holder in stock

by kimand50, 2 months ago

When are work zone products on sale again

by deands, 2 months ago

Please just read the above comments _ money. co.UK has no control of what is on offer or when!!

by Dorrie, 2 months ago

Cannot people just read your comments and digest?

by terence46, 2 months ago
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