25% off wine at Sainsbury's (6 bottles)

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From next Wednesday, 25th November you can save 25% on wine at Sainsbury's when you buy 6 or more bottles in store and online. The deal includes an extensive range of wines, champagnes, sherry and port which is perfect if you are thinking of filling up the Christmas drinks cabinet.

Some highlights include:

£14 Etienne Dumont NV Brut Champagne 75cl (£10.50 in buy 6)
£15 Sainsbury's Blanc de Blancs NV Brut Champagne 75cl (£11.25 in buy 6)

You will also be able to have the wine delivered to your door free of charge, provided you spend at least £100 or more on the order.

Terms & Conditions

See the Sainsbury's website for terms and conditions. Maximum 36 bottles per customer. Promotion not available in Scotland or convenience stores.

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Wrong! I went to Sainsbury's on 22.11.15 and this offer was NOT on.

by TW1derful, 4 days ago

Hi TW1derful, the offer only started today 25th so wouldn't have been on,on 22nd!

by Dorrie, 4 days ago

Ah! I only read the headline which didn't have the start date date. Thanks for that, I'll be in there tomorrow! :0)

by TW1derful, 4 days ago
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