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The big half price event at Waitrose

by , 31st December 2015
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by BenU, 30th April 2014
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by BenU, 30th April 2014
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Waitrose has launched their big half price event to help their customers save this New Year.

In the half price event you can find selected items for your food cupboard, as well as fresh items and dairy products, drinks, household items, frozen goods, breads & cakes, beauty and baby items.

A selection of the kind of goods you can find are:
£2.19 Waitrose 24 Aberdeen Angus lightly seasoned beef meatballs (was £4.39)
£1.50 Cirio canned chopped tomatoes 4 pack (was £1.50)
£2 Cathedral city mature cheddar cheese 450g (was £4)
£2.49 Nescafe Azera Intenso (was £4.99)
£3.59 Essential Waitrose 3-5 British chicken breast fillets (was £7.19)
£1.02 Heinz Tomato Ketchup 50% less sugars 550g (was £2.05)

If you want to get your food delivered, be sure to take advantage of their offers for new customers, £70 off your first 5 online grocery shops. More information in the link below.

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